Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A list of the most frequently asked questions.

How long before I can get the certificate?

You require a minimum of three months of regular attendance and benchmark levels confirmed by your instructor prior to requesting a benchmark certificate. The request for certificate can be done by contacting the office directly or through your instructor.

Do you have to use Skype for the weekly class?

No, using Skype is not a requirement. You can use Skype if both you and your instructor are confident in using it. Otherwise, your weekly calls will take place by phone.

Can I study with a textbook and the LMS at the same time?

No, you can’t choose to study by correspondence and online at the same time. Students with access to and confidence in using a computer with high speed internet connection can study online. The textbook option is suitable for students without reliable access to a computer with a high speed internet connection or lacking computer literacy.

When do I get my textbook?

You receive the textbook after three successful conversations with your instructor.

Can I change instructors?

You’ll be transferred to another instructor if there’s a change in your availability or benchmark levels that your current instructor can’t accommodate.

Can I study with the same instructor when I change levels?

If your current instructor doesn’t teach your new benchmark levels, you will be transferred to another instructor.

Does LINC Home Study Canada offer Citizenship preparation classes?

No, LINC Home Study Canada does not offer citizenship prep classes. However, the program will help you learn more about Canada. The topic of citizenship can be included in your lessons if you share this goal with your instructor.

Does LINC Home Study Canada offer IELTS prep?

No, LINC Home Study Canada does not offer IELTS preparation classes. LINC Home Study Canada provides instruction based on the Canadian Language Benchmark standards. To learn more about IELTS compared to Canadian Language Benchmarks, visit this page:

How can I change how my name appears in the LINC Home Study Canada program?

The LINC Home Study Canada program uses your legal name as documented through the Language Assessment Centre. If you need to update your legal name, you must contact your local Language Assessment Centre and provide them with appropriate documentation showing your name change. The Assessment Centre will make the change in their database. Then, the LINC Home Study Canada office can update your name in our Learning Management System.

Can I access my Learning Management System account after I graduate or withdraw?

No, your access to the Learning Management System is deactivated once you withdraw or graduate from the program. You will no longer have access to the Learning Management System.

Does a LINC certificate have an expiry date?

No, LINC certificates never expire.

How long does it take to complete one level?

The time to increase a benchmark level depends on many variables including the time and effort that you put into your studies. But most of the students in the program for six months or more, increase by at least one benchmark.